Saturday, February 10, 2007

NYYM Office Visit Log

Gen Sec – (full time) General Secretary – has ultimate supervisory authority over the office, in < 1x per week, has home office in Rhinecliff, NY, office hours and travel schedule are not published, however he is in mostly on Wednesdays.

Admin Sec* – (full time) Administrative Secretary – supervises the office staff, erratic attendance and availability

Admin Asst – (full time) maintains website, edits Spark and InfoShare, other general work, mostly there, sometimes rude

Hourly Employee #1 – hourly employee
Hourly Employee #2 – hourly employee / and or volunteer
NYYM Office Rent - ~$27,500 per year
Book Keeping Service Fees - $28,200 per year
* Admin Sec is pursuing a Graduate degree. Graduate school is finished by May 15th each year. Graduation at the Bank Street College of Education was May 20, 2006.

5/17/06 – Wed./2:30 pm/Dropped in to NYYM office/Hourly Employee #1, (Admin Asst?)/Hourly Employee #1 sitting at Admin Sec’s desk typing on the computer. One other person (Admin Asst?) had gone to the bank and or to lunch. Gen Sec had not come in that day (he is usually in the office on Wed.)

5/23/06 – Tues/9:45 am/Called/Admin Asst answered phone./ “Is Admin Sec there?” He said,” No she’s not in, may I help you” “Is she coming in today?” He said, “No she won’t be in today”

5/24/06 – Wed/4:30 pm/Called/Admin Asst answered phone, Admin Sec was on the phone, Gen Sec was on his way out to catch a train./Told Admin Asst that Spark is looking much better. He said thanks.

5/25/06 – Thurs/3:45 pm/Called/Hourly Employee #1 Hourly Employee #1 answered phone, by saying ‘good afternoon, New York Yearly Meeting, this is Hourly Employee #1.’/He said ‘Admin Sec is not in today, she will be in tomorrow.’ When caller asked for Admin Asst, by first name only, he said, ‘Yes he is, may I ask who’s calling?’

6/2/06 - Fri//Emailed/Admin Sec answered, not sure where she is located./Confirmed attendance at a future event. NYYM moving office upstairs to temporary space for summer, on 6/2/06.

6/6/06 – Tues/9:40 am/Called/Hourly Employee #1 Hourly Employee #1 answered the phone. /Admin Sec will not be in the office today, “but, I can get a message to her”. Admin Asst will be in at 10:00 am

6/9/06 – Fri/10:05 am/Called/Admin Asst answered phone /When asked if Admin Sec was in he said – “she’s not in today, may I help you”? “Admin Sec will be in on Monday”

6/30/2006 – Fri/3:45 pm/Called/Admin Sec answered phone/Admin Asst is in.

7/17/2006 – Monday///Admin Sec leaves to stay at Silver Bay for one week prior to Annual Sessions (as reported at New York Quarterly Meeting)/

7/19/2006 - Wed/1:00 pm/Called/Admin Asst Answered phone/Asked if Gen Sec was in. No. Asked Admin Asst if Gen Sec had asked him to change the web site to reflect an Editorial Policy that said “Editor will contact writer with suggested changes. ” He said no. Called Gen Sec at home office – he was in.

7/23/2006 – Sunday///Annual Sessions at Silver Bay begin/

8/21/2006 – Monday/3:30 pm/Admin Sec calls to answer an email sent on 8/3/Not sure if she is in the office/Admin Sec says she has been on vacation since 7/31/2006, or immediately after Silver Bay

8/23/2006 – Wednesday/1:15 pm/Called/Hourly Employee #2 answered phone/Gen Sec not in, due in office Thursday 8/24, Admin Sec is on vacation.

8/30/2006 – Wednesday/11:10 am/Called/Hourly Employee #1 Hourly Employee #1 answered/Admin Sec not in, due in later around 1-2 pm, Admin Asst is there.

9/2/2006 - Saturday//A Regional Treasurer reports that he has not received a monthly NYYM Treasurer’s report in all of 2006 until a few days earlier, dated 8/15/2006/Hourly Employee #2 contacted him /She asked if he would mind if it were sent electronically. He was very happy to have it electronically.

9/7/2006 Thursday//NYYM office moved back to its permanent location from its temporary location today//

9/8/2006 Friday/3:55 p.m./Called/Admin Sec answered/Admin Asst is in

9/15/2006 – Friday/12:05 pm/Called/Admin Asst answered /Is Admin Sec in? “No she isn’t may I help you?” No. When will she be in next? I expect her on Monday.

9/17/06 – Sun///Atlantic Antic outreach event 2 blocks from the largest Monthly Meeting in NYYM. Registration fee paid by NYQM/Admin Sec is scheduled to staff event

9/19/2006 – Tuesday/2:00 pm/Called Treasurer at his home near Buffalo, NY//Asked why a bookkeeping service was needed at NYYM. He answered “To have timely information provided to us without the need for a full time employee”. Caller asked how many transactions on average NYYM has per month in its ledger. “I’m not going to go into that”. He hung up on the caller.

9/20/06 – Wed/1:20 pm/Called/Admin Asst answered phone, Admin Sec in, GS not in/Admin Sec on phone, “may I take a message or may I help you?” Is Gen Sec there? No, he’s not in today. When will he be in next? Who’s calling? (in an aggressive tone, not a question). I’ll have to check the schedule. He gets up and walks away for about 30 seconds. “GS will be in on 9/27 (Wed).” Thank you.

10/5/2006 – Thursday/2:10 pm/Called/Admin Asst Answered/Admin Sec out to lunch, Hourly Employee #1 in the ‘other office’

10/12/2006 Thursday/11:00 am/Called/Admin Asst Answered/Admin Sec working at home Thursday and Friday. What’s her number there? Admin Asst said, “Do you really want me to go and look up the number in the Yearbook for you?” Admin Sec’s home phone busy all day.

10/13/2006 Friday/All day/Tried to call Admin Sec at home/./Phone is busy all day

10/16/2006 Monday/All Day/Called Admin Sec at home//Phone busy

10/17/2006 Tuesday/All Day/Called Admin Sec at home//Phone busy

10/18/2006 - Wednesday/All Day/Called Admin Sec at Home//Phone busy

10/19/2006 Thursday/12:30 pm/Called NYYM Office//Phone machine picked up

10/19/2006 Thursday/12:35 pm/Called Admin Sec at home//Phone machine picked up after two rings

10/19/2006 Thursday/12:40 pm/Called Gen Sec at his published home office number//Phone machine picked up after four rings

10/19/2006 Thursday/12:42 pm/Called Admin Asst at home//Phone machine picked up, outgoing message played then Admin Asst picked up

10/19/06 Thursday/2:20 pm/Called NYYM office/Hourly Employee #1 answered/Admin Sec not in today. She is due in on Friday. Gen Sec not in today.

10/24/06 Tuesday/2:50 pm/Called/Admin Sec answered/Admin Asst is in

10/26/06 -Thursday/11:15 am/Called/Admin Sec Answered/Gen Sec is not in the office. :”When will he be in?” ‘Who’s calling?’ in an aggressive tone. At first Admin Sec said next Wednesday, then she had to go and look (30 seconds) then confirmed it would be 10/31/2006.

10/27/06 – Friday/2:15 pm/Called/Admin Sec answered/Admin Asst is out to lunch. “When will he be back. “ ‘Within the hour.’

10/27/06 – Friday/2:30 pm/Went to website/September 2006 Spark not posted on Website, October 2006 Infoshare not distributed or published on website/