Wednesday, March 22, 2017

NYYM Spiritual Workshops

Friends will work on a minute that RSoF is no longer religious or spiritual.  Quaker Society has been for decades – highly political.  You are not wanted as a Friend if you are not ultra-liberal, left, and elite, preferably a helping profession, like a teacher or social worker, or clean profession like lawyer or doctor, not a dirty proletariat news stand owner, cab driver, electrician or construction worker.

Laughter Yoga

Many Friends have turned to Yoga to complement, even substitute a more sane spiritual life, for that of irrelevant, absurdist Friends business meetings.  

An offshoot of Yoga - Laughter Yoga - will be embraced this summer a means of dealing with the President Donald Trump election and both houses of Congress now in Republican hands!  

Practice this chant while meditating at home, bringing yourself to belly laugh after each line.  Your anxiety will somehow not be so piquant this summer after months of this chant.

Trump’s the President, ha, ha, ha
Hillary was unlikeable, dishonest and didn’t show up, hey, ho, hey
She lost, after an organized campaign to undermine Bernie, ha, ha, ha
Another conservative Supreme Court justice, hey, ho, ho

So long government funded news and railroad, ha, ha, ha
PBS, NPR, AMTRAK ho, ho, buh-bye
Rosie O’Donnel and Rachel Maddow stuff a sock in it, ho, ho, ho
Planned Parenthood government funding, remember Acorn, ha, ha, Si-O-nara

Take a hike career EPA, State Department bureaucrats, ha, ha, ha
Andrew Breitbart is smiling down on us, hey ho, hey