Wednesday, March 22, 2017

NYYM Announces Annual Sessions 2017 Plenary Speaker !

Oakwood Friends School Alumnus
Former NPR, and current Fox News Contributor

Juan Williams

Plenary Message to Friends:  

You’re a Bunch of Leftists!

A handful of NYYM Friends will drive from all over creation, waste gas, pollute the air, and reconvene in Summer Sessions after an eternity of not meeting since Spring Sessions.

Annual Sessions, at Silver Bay, New York is more colloquially known as:

The Ridiculous, Publicly Pious Cheap Vacation
at Lake George in the Adirondacks

When reached for comment regarding the plenary speaker, the outgoing NYYM General Secretary, himself a highly paid minister and ‘rock star’ to Quaker Kool-Aid drinkers said, “Of course we’re all Leftists, but what Friend Juan will emphasize is that some like me and those who kept me here at such a high salary are the Left-elite, as opposed to the garden Left-wing losers that incessantly stand up in meeting to hear themselves talk.”

This year’s theme of workshops, discussions, and lectures - handed down to us by the central office staff and central politburo hierarchy that enables them - will be to discern what Left really means to our spirituality.  In other words, there will be no spontaneous discernment. Friends will finally and forcefully come to consensus that WE ARE ALL LEFTISTS !

Although Juan Williams' two sons work for the Republican Party, and he himself is considering joining the G.O.P., Juan is a Friends School graduate and we owe him our ears. Friends might consider the possibility that his words give us wings, especially those Left wings, in a circular spiral straight to Quaker heaven!