Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Culturally Appropriate Renaming Workshops

Forget the silly sexual pronoun renaming dishonesty other liberal societies will participate in this summer.  NYYM as a religion of “No” will stretch to try a minute to the world which no one will ultimately listen on our protest of the negative connotation of “Left” in literature and in public speech. 

The negative meaning of “Left”

We’ll discern our feelings for the structural bias against all things ‘Left’ in formal and colloquial writing and speech.

  • Hurry up or you’ll be left out!
  • Where did that idea come from, out of left field?
  • See the world, or what’s left of it.
  • What’s for dinner, honey? Sorry, leftovers.
  • We were on our way to the horizon of happiness and mental health when suddenly we made a hard left turn into crazy town.

Even over educated elite Friends know we can go all the way back to a foundation of English, French and the word Gauche.  Notice how its usage is inherently ridiculous of the left?  Clumsy, oafish, dense.  Compare to the French word Droit,  the English equivalent, being - adroit, skilled, or talented.  Or also compare to Tout Droit, always right, straight ahead, unwavering, direct.

The world has to know what Friends stand for, and that is “Left” and “No”.  Like a terrible two-year-old who wants to have her (or even better, someone else’s) cake and eat it too.